Poem : A Child Imagines

~Jiwan Kshetry~Jiwan Kshetry

The cloud in the horizon, before dusk
Changing color every other minute
Soothing a crying child
With the magic of her ever-changing shape:
Once a horse that he so direly wished to ride
Again his father
Who has gone missing for years in foreign land
Then like a monkey holding a hill atop his head.

With increasing darkness
The increasingly clear images appear
The more vivid imaginations wander through the small brain
That ingratiate the innocent desires
even though transiently,
And a beautiful world gets birth,
A world with no nights, no unhappiness
No grievances, no squabbles.
Only peace and harmony

Only beauty and happiness.
A world away from the humdrum of mortal life
A world free from wretched creatures
And the flowers that bloom in absence of thorns

Eventually the night sets in
And the cloud hides itself beyond the mountain
The stars twinkle in the dark sky
A lamp throws the faint light in the hut
A cacophony ensues:
How hard they have to work, how little they earn
How futile the life is, how dull the routine is.
And the child submerges as usual,
In the ocean of grief and frustration
And watches haplessly,
How his beautiful world vanishes
Like that beautiful cloud did beyond the mountains.

(Source : Poet’s Blog)

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