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Story : The Discovery of the High Lama

~Sushma Joshi~ The older I get, the more I am astonished by this trickster hand of time. Look at all the boys we thought would go on to become doctors and engineers. They became lafanka men playing guitar in Thamel. … Continue reading

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Microstory : Anjali’s Father

~Indira Prasai~ There is a sudden gust of the wind. I drown completely in the summer heat. I feel shaken, I was thinking of life’s infirmity. The calendar flutters. Today is the eleventh day of the month. I like this … Continue reading

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Micro-Story : Specialty

~Dilip Acharya ~ News was spread that a well-known scientist of the nation had invented a special kind of mirror. By physical appearance, the “special mirror” looked similar to any other ordinary mirror, but rather than reflecting human faces, it produced … Continue reading

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