Translated Poem : While falling down

~Deepak Samchu~
Trans : Suman Pokharel

I was entangled
like some water hyacinth at a riverbank,
you happened to come carrying handful of rainbow
and tied me like a rope does.

That was everything for me
and, I started to find myself within your fragrance.

I wanted the wave of my heart to echo entering inside you,
wanted, the shadow that follows me
to get faded out approaching you,
wanted, the breeze that flew away by fondling me
may gift you smiles of happiness,
and I wanted, all of my longings to get emptied
inside your desire.

I never noticed that
I had forgotten all my friends who played horse ride
on walking stick together,
the cattle lost in jungle forgetting the way back home,
the rubble collected while
getting sheltered inside the cave in rains,
and the songs that were written
by pouring my eyes
while thinking about you.

Leaving all of my past shattered,
I melted inside you,
and we had found the rhythm of life
while blowing the MURCHUNGA together.

But while walking through the bridge to sky
you threw me down unexpectedly,
and now, whilst falling down like Icarus
every memory of past is hitting me –
Tuk tuk tuk tuk .

My gasps may have been left behind somewhere there
do find it and keep with you,
you may hear my whisper when you are alone.

Do search for the occult memories of love
in your pocket, in the Khopis, and
at the corners of rooms,
that may help you unfold the reminiscences
when you are gloomy.

I have tied the bud of rose
that my mother had planted
on my cheeks, to your heart;
do keep it to decorate your ambiance,
it may help you stare at me
without touching.

I have left every melody of life
for you,
keep humming it in your solitude.

But never do carry any wish
to sing together
again with me.

(Source : Asian signature – Focus, 4th Vol, No2 (April 2017) )

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