Poem : Life’s Like That

~Eagam Khaling~

Sometime, I have to lose a game
For my delicate dreams.
Sometime, I have to leave the battle
For my loving parents.
Sometime, I have to be black,
Red, green and white too—
Just for wining one’s heart
And life passes together with
Joy and sorrow.

I know that stars are very far away
And I have a long way to touch them.
Rather sometime no way at all.
But also I have to smile,
Smile and smile till I don’t cry.
Sometime, I have to cry,
Cry and cry till I don’t smile at all.
As life has become a long pain,
On this Earth.
I really don’t know
Who is right and wrong

But still tells me—
Sometime pain may bloom with colors
And may ease one deadly.
I still happen to remember
You had asked me sometime in the past
About my God.
I don’t have any naked proof
To show you,
But sometime I genuinely feel Him within
Me, myself,
Who often shakes from the core within
Together with pain and joy.

Note: I am dedicating this poem especially to great poet – Laksmi Prasad Devkota and the lovers of poetry, on this auspicious occasion of Laxmi-puja.

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