Poem : Person surviving in dream

~Sudhir Kwabi~

That person
Waken up in the down
Felling morning is at door
In reality
It wasn’t there
He penetrates a nail in his soul
then hanged his dream and again counted
Then, he leaves his home
and follows the regular track
Without feeling tired
and without materializing his hope
he walks on and on
but reaches nowhere
In the evening returns as usually safe and sound physique.
At night,
he again sees the dream
In which, he sees his dream fulfilled
Hurringly, he comes back to his home, gathering his fulfilled dreams
In the way, he falls down and
those fulfilled dreams, all scattered just like the glass
The broken sound of glass disturbed him from sleep
And he wakes up abruptly
Again penetrates a nail
hangs his dream and counts again
Then leaves his home
and follows the regular track
As usual reaches nowhere
Throughout the day, searching for the way to the
fulfillment of his dream, but gained nothing
At night, returns, again sees dream
This time, in his dream
sees his death body carrying
by himself in his own shoulder
Curtain of the morning raises, but his eyes closed
That person was sleeping and was sleeping.

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