Poem : Prove me, Wrong !

~Milson Rai~

I always want to have a glimpse,
Of your lips.
I adore you & doesn’t matter what the
World believes.

Prove me, WRONG!

I always thrive for your smile
And full of innocence.
With no wonder, my mind goes
Mad in your presence.

Prove me, WRONG!

The shadow appears even if
Light is full of delight.
Bitter truth, more love, the deep
Is the hatred, hapless sight.

Prove me, WRONG!

Yeah, its mesmerizing to be
With you, dear.
We know one-day love’s to be
Burnt away in pyre.

Prove me, WRONG!

The depth of your eyes,
It’s just too deep.
You’ve to cry. I’ve to sob but
World won’t weep.

Prove me, WRONG!

You dare to withstand every
Ups and downs with me, no?
But it’s not possible, if you
Think you are not wrong, so

Prove yourself, RIGHT!
Prove me, WRONG!

(Source : Poet sent via ‘नयाँ रचना पठाउनुहोस्’ of Sahitya Sangrahalaya.)

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