Translated Poem : Constitution

~Shailendra Sakar~
Translated by Yuyutsu Sharma

Constitution isn’t some book’s name,
nor is it a fresh weapon from some nuclear arsenal

a blue stretch of a sky
a bird’s exuberant attempt to fly

a cry of a gurgling brook
a prism of some jubilant vision

Or is it some plastic plaything?

The questions like the Monsoon
showers are battering plains of our mind.

Tell me which manual of mantras
which fragment of a blue sky

which network
of some novel app would you distribute?

Do you know it isn’t name of
a new chocolate bar advertised by some agency.

A constitution is a nation’s youth,
it’s a tumultuous brook and its quaking banks.

It’s an idea, an outlook, a vision:
a boat and its continuous journey.

Don’t tell me it’s just a book,
it’s loaf of bread,
it’s a sun,
a sky and its blue dream.

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