Poem : Love !!!

~Milson Rai~

Oh! So, from where shall I start this
Our druery is just too fascinating.
I enjoy every single bit of you, I wish
I’d always be with you smooching.

I mightn’t be that amorevolous, you see
I too, feel shy & act childishly in dilection.
You’re the best thing that can possibly be
Within my life and has been to gefreogan.

Every single bit of me says,” Yes, I do exopt
Her more than I’ve exopted anything before.”
Oh! Dear yes, yes, I certainly do try to adopt
Novice and your alluring love more & more.

Whenever I start to count the stars, making
‘em as the countless reasons why I love you!
Soon I come to know that it’s your addicting
Nursle that sees feelings of dilection for you!

I try to foresee the future of ours
Lest anything would happen to me.
What’d my love do for the hours
And hours, my eye waters for thee.

Doth test my love if you tend to
Seek whether, if it’s real or not?
Come forth, I really do want to
Endaunt for thine aa like fault.

My tongue only knows to speak
Only thine name, thou know it.
My very heart only knows to seek
To caress thee for every single bit.

My only love, I do love thee & shall
Never stop to smooch even in dreams.
I love it, I do love it when thou nursle
Me even if they’re just alluring dreams.

Note: Some words aren’t listed or found in dictionary because I’ve used those words by searching in the internet and those words were before but no more. So for some bit of help:
1> Amorevolous: Loving, affectionate
2>Dilection: love, affection
3>Druery: courtship;gallantry;love;an object of love
4> Endaunt: to caress; hold in high esteem
5>Gefreogan: to love, cherish
6>Nursle: to nuzzle
7>Smouch: to kiss someone
8>Exopt: to wish or desire greatly

(Source : Poet sent via ‘नयाँ रचना पठाउनुहोस्’ of Sahitya Sangrahalaya.)

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