Poem : Exam !

~Milson Rai~

You don’t need me, I don’t need you
But we both end up meeting each other.
Coz you’ve no right, I can’t be judged by you
But we both are compelled to be together.

The limit of time between us
Cannot be more than 3 hours.
So, I’d conclude with this thus
We’ve relationship of 3 hours.

I don’t wanna face you, coz of dirty mouth
That you got, I just don’t wanna see.
But matter of sadness is that I’ll be out
If I won’t confront or face you, says he.

I am destined to be me and only me
I’ve sole right to make myself I want
But just no one, nobody can see
That with this I’m not that fond.

Pretty much like the analyzing
Thing that is done to us then and now.
Can’t they see that it’s not mesmerizing
The way how the seeds they sow.

How can one know our full capabilities?
Until and unless we unleash them all.
Do they not know that we’ve own distinct?
That differs among everyone and that’s all.

Even though after knowing all these
We end up acting foolishly. Why?
The answer particularly isn’t that ease
To be found out by mind of mine and thy.

As we see your disgusting face
Pretty much at the spot we halt.
I mean its alike to the craze
Coz it’s not ours but is elders’ fault.

There is nothing in mutual between you and me
Thus, in this matter you do know better than me.
Whenever I am with you my head is like “Bam.”
Oh! Dear, tomorrow I’m facing you dreadful exam.

(Source : Poet sent via ‘नयाँ रचना पठाउनुहोस्‘ of Sahitya Sangrahalaya.)

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