Poem : I Can Only Pray

~Gopal Prasad Bashyal~

They cannot give you back
what has been lost
during the ebbs and flows
in the colors and shades of life

those words i spoke to you
as i covered you in a green sheet
and as I saw your last struggle
for life challenging His order
we talked in groups, and in pairs, and in private
while your attempts fell, then failed
i saw cracking roofs, breaking skies
the fragmented Earth,
your soul looking for a place to rest

darkness engulfed the day
my shaking hands lifted
in search of consolation,
my heart was a cracked bowl

i pray for your safe journey to eternity
What more can I do?

(In memory of my brother-in-law who died recently.)

(Source : Grey Sparrow Journal – Issue 30, July 31, 2017)

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