Translated Poem : Bullet

~Keshab Silwal~
Translated by Yuyutsu Sharma

This is the rose
that a dictator pins on your chest
and numerous dead bodies line up…

People with guts
target people with shining chests.
This is a medal earned
in the name of serving the nation.

Pin as many medals
you can on this chest…

Diplomacy explodes.
Bullies fire shots in the air in vain
and in the kitchen explode
grenades and spikes…

Having signed a nuclear treaty,
targeting heart of each and everyone,
they would launch a missile..

But sometimes a crumpled corpse rises
with vengeance, its bloodshot eyes
scaring the missile itself…

No matter how strong an armed human being,
a disarmed one can also scare a gun.
This isn’t a bullet.
It’s a flower: a rose
that a dictator pins on your chest…

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