Translated Poem : I Lean over my own corpse

~Krishna Bhakta Shrestha~
Translated by Yuyutsu Sharma

I lean over my own corpse
as an old bunch-back over his own shadow;
I lean and look,
scanning with a vulture’s ariel eyes
and dripping loops
of fetid saliva
I prepare to peck out….

But what’s there in store for me
expect a wattle, an ugly lump
of red flesh dangling from a rooster’s throat …..

Empty, bleak night
like the eyes of an old hunchback,
dried up, blank, the defunct night
bending over its own being,
the darkest night when
even a firefly is unable to hide herself .

Stuffed and muggy from
the fumes and foul realizations
that clog my room.

with a feverish jerk,
I stand up and rise …

Only a bamboo raises itself
bending over its own core.
Yes, in that
an emptiness erects itself …

Willingly or otherwise,
I lean over my own corpse;

I lean over and look,
scanning with a vulture’s aerial eyes,

and dripping loops
of fetid saliva, I prepare to peck out …

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