Translated Poem : Laxmi Lekali

~Yuyutsu Sharma~

Laxmi Lekali
sister of our butchered dreams

Laxmi Lekali
the foolish cops who conspired

to dictate awe of your slogans
who plotted to smash the heightened pagodas

of your integrity
knew very little about consequences

of raping the urge of a flame.

Laxmi Lekali
the fragrance of your simmering sighs

tickles the battered
flowers drying in the books of my anguish.

Laxmi Lekali
the urine that they forced you to drink

has erupted ulcers
of rage on my quaking shoulders.

Laxmi Lekali
raped daughter of our hungry huts,

forgive me,
my verbal revenge isn’t enough

to remove leeches
of insult clung to your breasts.

forgive me,
rods of despotic boorishness

they thrust in to your private parts
have caused a crack in my skull.

Laxmi Lekali
I roam victorious

in the charred streets
of this city seething from

the scourge of your courses.

Laxmi Lekali
yours are the waves of milk

Laxmi Lekali
even the earth shook droplets of terror

to see the forced
nightmare of that monstrous orgasm.

Doom is the word
doom of someone who having raped

a complete little supernova
waits like some infested gorilla

for its lethal aftermath.

You my victorious Muse
my Laxmi Lekali,

your shrieks made
shimmering fishtail of Machhapuchhre shiver,

crevice torn open
by insane barrel of the gun,

a splash of blood
gushed forth and spread

like some violent energy
in the victorious skies of my smoldering eyes.

Translated by Poet himself

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