Translated Poem : Here/There

~Shailendra Sakar~
Translated by Yuyutsu Sharma

Searching images
of Himal’s shadow spreading
in the icy depths of the Pacific Ocean
on the steps of escalators
recalling Lisno, the ladders
dug in scented tree trunks,
recalling hillside courtyards,
resting-plinths, mule path
hearts shattered here
in slow sledges there

Having saved my body
from a sky aflame
piece by piece
never to be extinguished fire
like an indomitable warrior
in the city making analogies,
parallels of Dharara , Ghantagarh tower
for now postponing a desire
to spend a life there
in a secret chamber of my hear
I came back

Having encaged the free sky
of the mighty Continent
in a tiny briefcase
I came back,
to languish here, in a corner of
a divided, famished sky

Having discovered an ocean
having tied a complete world
in a laptop or ipad
all set to start my G search
of old acquaintances, older faces,
to keep looking
into the glistening mirrors of Himal,
like an old wind, I returned,
like sightings of familiar faces,
I came back to this land
of my forgotten hungers.

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