Translated Poem : Ruksana’s letter

~Buddhi Sagar Chapagain~
Translated by Yuyutsu Sharma

Perhaps moonlight
died in the gloom of your burka—
Eid’s full Moon.
Ruksana, at this moment
what could I send you except these words?
While placing
the morsel of bread in your mouth
or reading words
of Koran, the fire may drop
from the sky
and your dream—
it might catch fire.
The Mosque may sink in
even before the Allah’s
sacred name is uttered
and there may rise
smoke of sands from within.
The red rose you planted
in your courtyard,
the abstract painting
you stuck on the wall
the one you loved
more than your life
or your colorful hanky
that you so painstakingly
embroidered, might just vanish…
after April, 2003 AD.
Before it turn into history
the poem for you.

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