Translated Poem : March 27, 2003

~Buddhi Sagar Chapagain~
Translated by Yuyutsu Sharma

In the fast fading blood
has been drenched the empty vacuum flask,
the lost ring
and the ladyfinger close by
has been blown off by the bullet.
Under the merciless sun
in a sea of seething sands
are swimming corpses of our troops.
From my nameplate
stuck on my chest dangles
a fierce fighter,
I, John Hawkins.
Probably I would never
ever return to pay off my son’s school fees
or eat the chunk of cheese cake
I left behind on the table in hurry.
That unknown black marine
roasted in the fire along
with the empty medals of bravery.
On my pendent hanging
On my chest the bloodstained Christ
locusts of dynamite
spreading far off and lost in its flames
the photograph of my teenage son.
The orders that descended
like a revelation from the sky.
On March 27, 2003
there rose a wave of sand dunes
and all along from my gun
roared notes of my obituary.

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