Poem : Your Blank Message

~Dr. Deepak Khadka~

Not like a night
With pre-positioned stars and moon
Or with the sun borne sky
Sometime at the noon

It was rather like a dawning sky
Fresh, clear, silent and quiet
Or tranquil, relaxing, waiting
For something- like a twilight

A calm sea in the morning
A gentle breeze can pass by any moment
Or how about that garden
Where bloomed only the scent

It is a picture from an empty canvas
Some reasons had to make it invisible
Left to be touched by a dream’s eye
And to be hanged on a heart’s isle

It is a No with no ‘No’
It is a Yes with no ‘Yes’
It is an end without end
It is a beginning without a preface

It is a silence that has swallowed a thousand sounds!

Beloved you
I found a thousand words
In your blank message
All I had to do was
To stop trying to apprehend and
To be content with
Just feeling them

Thank you!

(Written around 1998 )

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