Poem : Those veils

~Jiwan Kshetry~Jiwan Kshetry

Those veils,
that can hide a mountain
in an ocean of nothing.
Those veils,
that can keep the secrets,
which would otherwise explode.
That can change the black into white
Yes, those veils,
that can convert days into nights,
that can change the criminals to caretakers.
Yes, in the age of veils,
the innocents can be dragged to slaughter houses,
the weak can be smothered .
And the poor can be strangled.
Yes, behind the curtains,
away from the range of communication,
naked body of children,
battered bodies of adults
are buried by the persons in combat.
While at the centre of communication,
in front of beaming cameras,
bright bodies of the naked models shine.
As if every other task in the world is completed.
And you have to just sit and watch,
‘Whose chests are more attractive?’
You need a constant attention
which brand of lipstick is most fashionable?
Yes in this age full of veils,
our TV screens will decide
what we need to see and what not to .
A fact has to be censored ,
but a rumor has to be just evaluated.
Yes, before hitting the market,
powerful hands will work out ,
‘What, how and when to be informed?’
Yes in the age of veils,
half truths and lies have to dominate the truths.
In protection of the veils,
Innumerable machine guns and missiles,
billions of dollars
Still the outline of the face behind the veils,
can’t elude the keen observer.
And if he fails to ignore what he sees,
he can be lawfully tortured or eliminated,
for sake of the veils,
that are so crucial to prop this world up.
Still the protectors of the veils are afraid.
To hide the flush of shame and anxiety,
They are adding another layer to their veil,
This time manufactured by a multinational corporation.

(Source : Poet’s Blog)

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