Poem : Co-Existence: A Futile Dream

~Purna Infada~

I am standing upright
Grazing at the moon
That glitters like silver in the sky
That is witnessing
The thick cloud getting sparse
And an looking at before me
A frozen Himalaya
A fire-like Terai
And evergreen hills
The eastern horizon spitting out sun
And the western horizon swallowing it

And Salahesha are painting
Arippan arts
Quite engrossed
On the tearing map

In the midday
The sabotage road is burning
And the siren is blowing
With a loud sound

An arrogance, like a ghost lady
Showing her ferocious jaws
Is roasting the heart on a burning flower
Piercing with an arrow

Broken chromosomes are
Determining the skin-colour,
Scrutinizing the shape of  nose
And are listening it the of language

These pieces of slitting
Each of the human conscience
Covering the whole brain with a shawl

These pieces of shrunken hearts
Are walking- instable
And an abstract music

Is being played constantly
And the hoofs of a black horse are sounding

Gunpowder is rising from a parched dry field
And the hill is falling off
Collapsed from the cliff

On torn and scatted flower petals
Are dancing adverse timescales

From this very corner
A pitiable and terrible sound
Is coming out
Co-existence! co-existence!! co-existence!!!

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