Poem : The butterfly dream

~Kamal Kumar~kamal-kumar

Long long time ago
he was following a thread of way
made by the colorful butterflies,
and he was paused
at a beautiful theater of flowers.
Then he followed the height
of dad’s shoulder,
warmth of mom’s lap,
he followed to get teacher’s good,
but paused at the end of childhood,
one day he measured the distance
to the moon,
when about to fly, it was mid-noon,
so again it was paused to itself,
in the middle of the eternal space.
Dad’s darling and mom’s little boy
with best friends happiness and joy,
would stop the cosmic, if he can,
nowadays, he is a gentleman.
walking down the same lane
of Monomandu
he frequently finds the dreams scattered,
over the dusty and narrow streets of life,
the butterfly dream,
the dream of dad
the dream of mom
and the manic dream upon her angel’s eyes.
all are paused, and throwing “good bye”s.
Now he wants not to be in top
his dreams are just seeking a full stop!

– Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(Source : Poet’s Blog)

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