Poem : The Dark Night

~Jiwan Kshetry~Jiwan Kshetry

The dark night,
Does it threaten you?
My friend,
In the gloomy weather,
Dark night is no longer a threat.
So many dark days in the order to follow,
The dew drops percolating,
Through the fog of awesome thickness,
The sun hiding for ages.
My friend,
Are you frightened with the chilly winter?
So many snowy springs in our doorsteps.
Wings of the birds frozen,
Buds of flowers dropping down,
Are you horrified with the deserted garden?
No, my friend,
Abandoned dwellings are more horrible,
Dry taps are never worse
When the streams are drying up.
Lunatics and dumbs are never guilty
Mentally retarded are not idiots
When the healthy ones are mute,
When the alive figures surrender to death,
In the dark chapter of the history,
My friend
Our names will be noted with the battered letters.
Scarcely visible in the dark,
Friend! I can spot you,
You can’t escape from here,
You can’t escape from history,
My friend, you are caught
In the dark night.
The End of Life
That dark night,
No moon in the sky,
Stars too far to be useful,
In the bizarre terraces,
Roaming alone without a torch.
The mountains grew higher,
Their border with the sky clear,
But everything else was the one.
Tired and hungry,
I sat staring to the sky
That was the only thing visible from everywhere
Stars were twinkling
As if restless to help me.

I grew drowsy and happy,
In the bright daylight
Coming back to the village after many years,
Welcomed by every single person,
One warm hug after another.
Approaching home with the euphoria,
But no one was spotted in the home.
Astonished, I stood as if frozen.
Something came out of the door
And hit the eyelids!
It was the firefly
That shattered my beautiful dream.

Same cold, same darkness,
Face wet with dew drops
Hands numb as if of somebody else,
Back painted with shape of bizarre stones.
Cold tears trickled down my face.
That warm day, that warm village
And those warm hugs after years altogether.
Could I go for another dream?
No! it was too late.

Darkness being diluted from the east,
Unfortunately, my mood grew darker,
Darker with the realization of my fate
That was a dozen times darker than the darkest night.
The bloody game of power and prejudice
That killed lakhs and evicted millions.
Yes, my friend! I am the refugee of this land.
The day I was evicted mercilessly
The dark chapter was opened in the life
But my friend! That bright dream,
Can it ever turn to reality?
Yes I have the only hope of coming it true,
The end of the hope will end my life.

(Source : Poet’s Blog)

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