Poem : Is it a poem?

~Norden Rumba~Norden Rumba_1

Imagine a road leading to I don’t know where
May be here or may be to eternity
Of which, I am just a pedestrian
Mountains glove superimpose and freeze
Something like it happens in cinema
Alot of people I meet
And a lot of people I forget
My eyes got blood shot
My heart fails
My head muddles
My feet tumbles and stumbles
But then still I stagger
To reach nowhere
I sing a song to make it audible
To nobody
I dream horrible dreams
On the road I am now treading
I am just a pedestrian.
I see the sky as high as a sugarcandy
or as hot as chilly
I just look upto the hills
As green as they’re with closed eyes and cold feet
Sometimes I tumble like a typewrier roll
Sometimes I jumble, of course, like people
in the fairy tales.
Some say that a stagger
As if I don’t walk at all cars come and buses go
with sardined people
to I don’t know where
I feel sometimes that the drawers
don’t in the lease to reach
to I don’t know where
In my own crowded loneliness
I sometimes muse with music
And make poetry out of limerick
I sink down to the unfathomable depth of laughters
for slice of bread or something
Speeches admonish me to behave as the leaders do
The police on duty tries to prevail upon me
raising his hands
But then I walk on and on..
I’m just a pedestrian
But still I want to know I’m

(Source : Poet’s Blog)

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