Essay : Kids are kids

~Ismael Subba~Ismael Subba

There is still more time
Kids are only kids,
Let them be kids..,

Dear Doraemon,
From the big coloured
Tv screen of saney’s home
Or from the dreams
Which I used to see
When will you take me
Higher and higher
Where stars prevail
Or there at God’s home…


Well,I think its not possible for me to write in this topic….actually we all have passed through that stage…which we all love and enjoy…Moreover,we all have experienced and understood each and every moment of that stage of being kids…I think you all know very well than me….

At this very moment,I remember poems by two eminent poets from Darjeeling. Lekhnath Chhetri’s ketaketi(kids) and Karna Biraha’s Dear Doraemon…Poet lekhnath is successful in describing the joy of being kids and he has understood the mentality of kids..,Kids are living on their own and they must not be stopped from doing so….let them enjoy,learn from what they suffers he says…Where as poet lekhnath describes the kids mentality…Karna speaks the pain of being orphan’s….He speaks about their dreams,desires,and their lifestyle.Karna successfully describes the problems,their unfulfilled desires,and feelings of aloneness,..

Really kids are kids….we all have passed through the stage..we all know the joy of being kids.But its pity on them and sad for me to see and say that kids are no more kids…they are suffering and hampered by competition.Their minds are captured by so called 21st era.Kids who are born in well classified houses are to be competing losing their innocence….and its very sad to see kids of the same age group working on streets,restaurant etc…Prey of Child labour…Isn’t that so sad?

We used to say that Kids are a form of Gods…is that really true? I don’t know if they are God or Not but I know very well that kids are kids. they are not to be meant as servants….as Anton chekav’s vanka….there are many vanka’s surviving poorly…We all have passed through that stage…Isn’t it beautiful? Dont we wish to go again back to past and live that particular moment.Then why we are snatching their most beautiful moments.

We all have lived that glorious and joyous moment’s…let them also live.Yes,we are not capable of doing that alone but drops of water can do as one…right?I was passing by the street this eve,and kids were playing with big smiles on their face.I thought that they are happy because this is what they are meant for…what about others who don’t have enough?Dont they have the right to smile and rejoice.?I am reminded of poem and story “timro basita paisa chaina” (there’s no money with your dad).Dont they have the right and desire to play,enjoy and live as other’s do…

We don’t have sufficient and we can’t help financially but what about morallly…Can’t we do it…? Let kids live what we have…let us together stop Child Labour…

A young brother,kunal ghattany ,from kalimpong…saw a child playing in the street when he was to be in school.there were many more who were working or hovering throught streets…kunal thought If I don’t then who will? He left his desire of riding a bike and open his heart along with his door for them..Can’t we? Lets step forward…

Why we make kids think about God’s home so early? Why we make their most beautiful moments the worst one? Let all speak as lekhnath -let kids be kids! Dear ones,let us all move our steps to take them out from the dreams and fulfill their dreams,dersires comes true as Karna Biraha II described…let us all gather our heart to be one and question ourselves…as kunal did-If I don’t then who will???

(Source : Prose Writer sent to ‘Sahitya Sangrahalaya’ via ‘नयाँ रचना पठाउनुहोस्‘ .)

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