Story : Deep in thoughts

~Ismael Subba~Ismael Subba

Chowrastha,A junction of four roads.The crowd there in the midst of the cold is really awesome. People are staring each other as if they are Aliens. Noises passes by Ankit’s eardrum. He could see students yelling,and roaming in fun…No worries,No headaches….This all bothers him a lot.He remembers a conversation between him and a friend of his.

“I don’t wanna leave my native..I just want to do something over here and show that Darjeeling is just not a hill station with the essence and aroma of nature but there is something we can do here,without going anywhere”-as Ankit tell to his best buddy Sunil,his eyes have a deep thought and is very hopeful to prove his words. Sunil objects-What is kept over here?You can’t do anything….See I have handsome salary and I am in a very good place Dubai, am getting chance to roam too and am helping my family….This is the reality…Grow up man…you are talking so childish.I mean you really think think that under such political affluence and the situation of present Darjeeling is good enough for a struggling youth….See,around you…Darjeeling is just a mess,moreover people are thrash. Do you think that socially active,you can achieve something?You really think that here is the future.Than my friend let me clear you-‘You are totally wrong’…. No Darjeeling isn’t a mess yells Ankit all of a sudden attracting the persons there. Peoples stares him as he does the same. He starts walking of slowly on a narrow lane to avoid people who is speaking of him…

Two hundred…No No we can’t give you muflers below two fifty….shawls are for 350 and its fixed…As ankit passes he heard the voices. He thinks-What if there wasn’t money??All things Free Free Free…Why we people run after money?Is it Life all about money..?? His thoughts were distracted by the voices thief thief….Catch him..catch him…thief…wait…There were some foreigner’s running behind a 15 year lad. Ankit just couldn’t help out…He says Sorry and leaves the spot. What an image of Darjeeling we have created…what we have made Darjeeling? Darjeeling once was surrounded not only by beautiful nature but by good hearts. Now its a mess…He shivers by the thought and remembers Sunil words-Darjeeling is just a mess.

Ankit,reached the spot where from he could see the beautiful Mt. kanchenjunga…But today,the beauty of kanchenjunga has been burried under the clouds.
He thinks- Yeah as kanchenjunga is burried under clouds…Darjeeling is also burried by dark clouds of thoughts and mentality. People here is selfish..Crimes,and evil works,,.moreover the bad situation prevails here….At that very moment he catches some voices from the rally-Our Darjeeling is beautiful,we can make it more beautiful.There will be More colleges,sufficient waters,Good roads…Electricities..Employment,,,and many more…Vote for us…We are only the one who can fulfill The very old dreams of GORKHAS. We vow that each and every one who resides here in Darjeeling will not have to suffer anymore. Believe us…” the voice of claps from the public applauds,and Ankit says Rubbish.Another group of people by his side are talking about in the favour of another political party..but they don’t know one thing…All a drama. People are suffering and moreover youths have to go away from Darjerling and these fellows talks about good colleges,employments and we just give them a huge applause. He doesn’t want to listen anymore…he starts walking off leaving behind Kanchenjunga.. Someone from behind says Cloud has been removed…Wow beautiful….see its Mountain..Mt. kanchenjunga….Ankit smiles in the hope of removing dark clouds from Darjeeling…and murmurs Beautiful Darjeeling……

(Source : Sent to ‘Sahitya Sangrahalaya’ via ‘नयाँ रचना पठाउनुहोस्‘ .)

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