Story : Victory

~Bishrut Bhattarai~

Lion village. Enough to make an adult cry and whine.

And that’s exactly where dark people rule the land.

The so called ‘dark guardians’ guarded the border so closely that even if a fly tried to get in, it would be seriously injured or possibly; killed. And scarier still they could block out the biggest force of good, the queen of fairies herself.

Down by the mountain lived horror himself. It was always terrifyingly dark around the house and if you got too close, you would die of fear.Horror was always away at midnight to spread him over sleeping people; giving them horrible nightmares.

And the main source of horror was on top of Terror Cliffs. The castle of the king of Lion village. It was huge. Its various towers reaching over the clouds. The guards all wearing black robes with hoods which covered their faces from view.

The atmosphere inside the castle was very cheerful.

“In the name of the new prince-to-be, DARKLEO,” shouted king Vesuvius raising his glass of expensive wine.

Everybody lifted their glasses of wine. The nine year old prince Velcious looked glumly at the adults. He didn’t at all want to share with another person. What was the point of being the prince if you had to share?

Velcious stormed off. His mind full of hatred and rage. Why he? Why not some else be his to-be-brother’s elder brother?

Immediately Velcious sent for his friends. All seven of them arriving together asked, “What is the matter?”

“Everything is the matter,” said Velcious. ”I am going to have a newbrother.”

“Will he be good?” asked Senostro.

Velcious’s mind, which was calming down a bit, flared up again. “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! YOU STUPID IDIOTS,” he raged.

Knowing what was good for them everyone scuttled off.

‘How stupid could my friends be?’ He thought as he stomped off to his bedroom. He slumped onto the bed fully dressed and told the servants to tuck him in. Still in rage, Velcious dozed off.

The day finally came when the other prince was to be born.

Queen Giulia III was taken inside the castle with the doctor and her family who were gossiping outside. Everybody outside kept silent and waited.

After about an hour everybody came out with the new baby. Cheers rang the whole of Lion Village. The Royal Family waved and disappeared inside the castle.

The time flew.

Velcious was now twenty. He was fully trained for duels and wars. His arms muscular and his hair waist-long. His brother, Darkleo, was eleven. Like his brother, he was also fully trained for fights. Darkleo’s intelligence measuring beyond wits. The only difference between him and his family was that he was not evil. Darkleo’s heart was kind and generous. His eyes sparkled with kindness instead of hatred. His life was at risk.

One day the king called for Darkleo. “Darkleo, it’s about you. Start getting on with dark ways,” he said.

“I do want to father but my heart says not to,” answered Darkleo politely.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we have two things to listen to; the brain and the heart. I follow my heart. If it’s no that it answers, it is no.”

The king was outraged. Listen to your heart in his land? NEVER!!!

“Get out of my sight,” the king burst out pointing to the high door.

“As you wish, father,” answered Darkleo going to put on his armour.

Darkleo calmly went out of the door five minutes later with his sword and armour.

He reached the stable and patted his horse, Angel. “You will always love me, won’t you?” he asked.

He got on her and took off. The people and fields rushed by as he left home. Riding for about an hour he reached the Dark Guardians. They parted for him to leave. Darkleo looked back for the last time. He knew once out of the village, there was no going back.

Time shot again.

Now Velcious was the king being thirty. He had eventually killed his parents for it. He decided to write to Darkleo about what happened and a challenge for duel.

In the forests of Vescious, Darkleo had no idea of what was happening at home. He only had his horse for company.

Some days later a man in a black robe came to him with a message. He simply gave it to Darkleo and burst in a puff of black smoke. When the smoke cleared out, there was just ash where the man had burst.

Darkleo opened the piece of parchment and read what was in it.





Darkleo was furious. His parents were killed! How dared he! He waited for his disrespectful brother to come.

Meanwhile, Velcious was preparing his two wizards and duel stadium to be spelled away. First went the stadium, then himself and the wizards. Velcious looked around the stadium and saw his brother who was all ready.

Without any words the duel started. With no shield, it was deadly. The swords clanged and fighters grunted. But finally Velcious was disarmed.

Darkleo put his sword point under Velcious’s chin and pushed him to the wall. “Why brother? Why,?” demanded Darkleo.

“Had no choice. Was too jealous. Come on, finish it. I deserve to die.”

Darkleo wanted to but couldn’t. He brought down his sword. “I can’t,” he said.

“Do it.”

Darkleo stabbed the wall with his sword. It sank till the handle. “PERISH US BOTH, OH POWER OF LIGHT! BUT KEEP THE SWORD. IF ANYONE IS KIND AND GENEROUS TO EVERYONE, MAY THEY SEE IT!”

Darkleo and Velcious vanished, never to be seen again.

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