Story : A Teenager from Mars

~Janak Prasad Dhungana~

It is the dawn of April , 2071 AD . The people of Mars are still in deep slumber. The Whole City of Marson illuminates like full lunar.

The robot dogs bark and cocks crow. The electric birds chirp deceptively. However, The cooing sound of pigeon and chirping of sparrow please the surrounding. The doves wish to fly all over the sky but the keys have not been pressed yet.

Avengelina is in her bed. The bed sheet is being wrinkled . she could not sleep whole night because she has not provided opportunity to go in visit to space. Her friends Emma, Julia, Alexander, John and Benedict have gone in the journey.

The auto machines begin to work at 7 in the Morning. So Avengelina also wakes up, goes to bathroom and freshens herself. She returns back her bedroom and switches on her Nail-Top.Now She wants to know where her friends are. She logs on Thumbook dot com and sends a message to her friends’ timeline. She scribes,” Hi frens, how r u? Where r u ? I miss all of u a lot.” After texting the message she opens a software where she has preserved her parents’ photographs.

A photo grins as she enters the key by her whispering. She speaks herself, ” Oh Mama and Papa, Where have you been indulging for many years. My heart is shrieking for your affection.” Her parents have been travelling the space to investigate about the probability of lives in other planets for 5 years.

She has been chatting with her newly mail friend so her Thumbook site is still functioning. As she remembering her ancestors, fortunately her inbox shines with red color. She clicks the box in hurry. There she finds a surrealistic photograph. The photo seems to be her parents’ photo’s background. “It looks like paradise,” she assumes. Her curiosity accelerates as disciples’ anxiety increases when they happen to meet Jesus in the third day of the crucifixion. She becomes startled .

“Avengelina, Ave… Lina, What are you doing?” Her Uncle Corax shouted from the garden of citron. He has managed every bush of citron in such a technique that can be irrigated through electric pipe. There has been disconnected in the irrigation system so that he wants to get her see if there is anything wrong in the circuit.

“How much artificial we are”, Avengelina speaks herself and goes out to see what is wrong in the magna- Electric circuit of the garden. She does not find anything wrong. She reaches there with her Nailtop. Her Uncle, Corax arrives at circuit point and says,”is anything damage in the circuit?”, She replies,” No, no uncle, all are static”. “If so what was the error?”, he murmurs, and goes to check battery of the circuit.

Though Avengelina has everything, she is getting restless.She feels her electric puppy-Morgel, refined and nutritious food package, Nailtop, Flyinng car, Electric toys are teasing and humiliating at her. The Mars is flourishing with rapid formula. The government is in rush. There are many technologies which can add even the age of man. People can live and die if they wish. Road, automobiles ,aircraft, hospital, telecommunication and banking are so fast. Everyone can get service with in a second. People are always busy in their business. The government has provided comforts and conveniences in every nook and corner of the Mars. But Avengelina’s heart is empty today.

Yes, Avengelina heart is beating unusually. Her every beat of heart is searching something : perhaps the lost HERITAGE.

She returns from the garden and reaches on the balcony. She observes the space through hi-tech binocular. Her heart says something is getting nearer and nearer.

She used to take lunch at 12 noon. But she has no appetite today.Rather she has been starved of language of heart. She looks Thumbook dot com again and she happens to see a picture of a place in which she was roaming in her dream. The dream was recurring. In dream, she would go to voyage by rocket with her friends in the space. They enjoy a lot. The heart of Avengelina was about to burst.The pangs of heart were gathered in her eyes in the form of tears because she is going to see greenery. All of a sudden, She happens to see the green planet. Her heart leaps up at that moment. She cries,”Oh God!, see, She is the paradise.” She had been swimming in the recurring dream. When she woke up she found herself in bed.

Avengelina gets trapped in dilly dallying. The picture she recently sees in her timeline and the scene she had in her recurring dream are the same.”Awesome !”, She murmurs,”how metaphoric”.

She enters TV room and switches on LFD-TV.The journalists were reporting about space: Mercury,Juipeter,Pluto,Neptune, Saturns and other. They were claiming that the scientists had been very near to reach the sun. And they have discovered a new formula that they can paralyze the sun and if they want they can posit or migrate the sun one place to another.”No please don’t do that, I can’t see the death of humanity further.” Avengelina cries,” I wants to die before it”.

She ascends to the balcony being so worried. She wants to destroy all the scientific discoveries. She wants to tear out the papers of formulae if she is allowed to enter into the laboratory. She says,”You demon in the form of human skeleton”.

There is starry night but Avengelina is feeling bleak. She laments for her ancestors purity. “All teens of my age of sixteen have been slave of robots?”, she questions herself, “If those machines stop to work?”. She imagines if she with her thousands of teens can go to her dream land: the Green Planet, where Himalayas laugh with the sun, where peace creeds resonate in the core of heart, where the people from the green planet and the people from the Mars can be united and live spiritually forever.

(Source : ThewhitepenofNepal)

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