Essay : The art of Internet!

~Swami Subash Chandra~Swami Subash Chandra

Strange things are going down. Millions of inconsequential things are happening every minute. A ‘celebrity’ does something and it’s a news breaking headline. A famous person’s ‘tweet’ sends shockwaves around the first world. Mobile game and ‘in-app’ purchases are everybody’s favourite distraction, and I’m not exempt from that, I’ll hold my hands up.

Meanwhile, there are wars going on, innocent people being kill every second, countries are being torn apart, data is getting stolen, welfare is being cut, basic human rights are getting quitely revoked, the standard of living is getting worse. All of that (and so much more), is but merely footnote on the world’s media agenda, due to the far more documented inconsequential things going on elsewhere.

Blissfully buy into consumerism, after all you are a civilised human, these things are only there to make you happy, and when you’re happy why would you want something absolutely devastating going on elsewhere in the world to bring you down?

The powers that be are conditioning you to think that.

Ever notice how the BBC and CNN are always trying to pin the blame? You might not have done, but they are. You will eventually start to blame them as well.

They are conditioning you to think that.

Now you are blaming minorities, instead of the government and it’s right wing affiliates.

They are conditioning you to think that!

If you say something enough they will start to believe it.

All of that is happening around us, and you’re reading this. But why should you believe me? I’m just another person on the Internet.

I’ve previously blogged about American chocolate, apps and all sorts of meaningless inconsequential nonsense before. Quite cringeworthy looking back on it really.

Life simply cannot go on like this anymore, or else we are all screwed. If the masses only knew how much power they had, there would be a revolution tomorrow… Have a great day! 😀

(Source : Sent to Sahitya Sangrahalaya via ‘नयाँ रचना पठाउनुहोस्‘ by Self)

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